Cynply Artistic Media


Many people enjoy saving their memories through taking photographs. With one click, you have managed to capture a moment in time that you will always remember. As an artist, I enjoy taking your photographed memories and turning them into household décor or specialized gifts. 

Using different media, I manage to create pieces of work that explores the precious parts of people’s lives that they hold dear. In this body of work I have included family portraits, graduation caps, paintings of interest, and of course a couple leisure pieces. With a little bit of love, and a couple eraser marks along with just a few paint splashes, each of my pieces are created for the keep sake of your memories. Your request is my demand.

Recent projects

These are some of my latest projects. 

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Lisa & Jeff
Wood Burning
Lisa & Jeff
Original Portrait
Oil Painting
Baby Love
Oil Painting
Reflective Concentration
Acrylic PaintIng
High Standards
Acrylic Painting